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One Wood Piece At A Time

Functional and Artistic Wood Turnings, Sales, Classes & Demos


  Here are some interesting links to other turners, groups or organizations that may be useful.









Maine Made

A list of artisans throughout the state of Maine who are part of the Maine Maine organization.


Reminder News

An article about wood turning during an open shop on Sunday.



100% USA made in New Hampshire specializing in paracord bracelets with multiple themes, colors, patterns to satisfy every need out there. Check them out.


Ol' Dave's Woodshop

Welcome to 'Ol Dave's Woodshop! We sincerely hope your time here won't be wasted. My name is Dave Haynes and I have long been interested in woodworking since peeking up over the sawhorses at my dad many, many years ago. Dad was a finish carpenter by trade and also built a lot of furniture. I guess that is where I first caught the urge to work with wood.

East Hampton-Portland Patch

Local online newspaper for the towns of East Hampton and Portland, CT. A great source.

American Made kilts!

The Utilikilts Company, established April 2000, was originally founded in order to fund a global arts project, involving seven double deck busses that would travel the world, putting on an interactive road show of music, dance, video art, and drama, and leaving change in its wake. The Utilikilt, a modern, casual kilt, was one of several designs implemented by Form Follows Function, an original design company, in order to raise money for this Arts project. However, the Utilikilt soon spawned the Utilikilts Company, and right before our eyes, this unique garment began to accomplish the goals that FFF had originally set out to promote, by becoming a growing social phenomenon, inspiring debate, consistently challenging the media, changing lives, and creating a common symbolism among its wearers. Now, with customers all over the world, The Utilikilts Company continues to both pioneer and to follow the best examples it can find, in every area of running a socially responsible business. We are committed to pioneering a comfortable alternative to trousers by producing �??Men�??s Unbifurcated Garments�?? (MUG�??s). Our patented utility design reflects the company�??s high standards and integrity. Utilikilts seeks to set a global example, defining �??business with a conscience�??, driving a worldwide paradigm shift toward a more conscientious form of capitalism, and channeling company gains and resources back into the community.


Lindsay Lathe Tools

Fred Lindsay designs and manufactures Lathe Turning Tool Systems from his North Carolina Shop.

Thompson Lathe Tools

These are the highest quality turning tools on the market today, each one handcrafted in a 13 step process. Please forgive the sold out sign next to some tools, they will be restocked. To keep the quality high and price low it will continue like it is... each handcrafted by me... one at a time.


​Studio Fifty-Five, LLC- E Hampton, Ct

Corey Anderson's woodturning site highlighting his artistic turnings and trees.

The works and sculpture of Graeme Priddle of New Zealand

Jacques Vesery- Maine

A world renowned wood artist from my home state of Maine

Jim Kephart Woodturning

My Woodturning includes Architectural, Reproduction and Artistic work. I turn by hand, not duplicator, so I am the perfect choice when you need small to medium quantities of parts.

Hendrick Wood Creations

Creating custom pens, hand crafted from exotic woods and acrylics; and hand turned bowls and hollow forms


American Association Of Woodturners

The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) is an international, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the advancement of woodturning.

Central Connecticut Woodturners

Its purpose is to promote a higher standard of excellence in woodturning by providing an ever expanding source of information and resources to its members.

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